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July Training

Final Summer Camps

Hi Guys,

Quality training is important!  We love seeing the results from both kids and adults winning more and more matches than ever before!  This month, we are offering the final 2 camps of the summer!  We have a team of 10 domestic and international coaches and practice partners who are eager and ready to help you succeed!  We have just a few more spots left!  Join us this month!

Summer Training

Join us this summer!

Hi Friends,

If you are in Ohio during June, July, and August...  GREAT!  We love having you here for daily training!

If you aren't here in Ohio, we still want to encourage and support you this week with some FREE Coaching advice for you.  Make sure to check out the two brand new coaching videos we just released:

Your First Tournament

11 Things You Should Know BEFORE Playing Your First Tournament

NEW Coaching Article by Samson Dubina!!!
The Top 11 Things You Need to Know Before You Play Your First USATT Tournament

  1. Legal Equipment:

You must bring your own legal racket that is USATT or ITTF approved. At tournaments there are no loaner paddles available. We would recommend checking out: for the best equipment known to man. Other suggested equipment to bring is: tournament balls, table tennis shoes, water bottle, snacks, a notebook and backup racket.

How Many Tournaments Should I Play?

NEW Article by Samson Dubina

How Many Tournaments Should I Play?
I hear this question often.
The answer is...
What stage is your game?
If you are developing new skills, sometime it is ok to take short break from tournaments and focus more in details on some particulars.  As soon as these details are more solidified, then you should again start playing tournaments.
How strong are you mentally?

Tournament Preparation

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NEW Memberships

Starting May 1, 2022


Summer Training

Join Us! All ages and all levels welcome!

The Winning Mindset

Win. More. Matches.




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Choosing a Coach

New Coaching Article

Choosing a Coach
4 Factors to Consider
Some cities in the US have only one table tennis coach.  In other areas like LA or NYC, there might be 20 coaches within a 20-mile radius.  So which coach should you choose?  The cheapest? The funniest?  The highest rated?  Well, the choice is yours, but here are 4 factors to consider
#1 Communication