Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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Burak C
(Skype student)

"After only a few Skype lessons, Samson gave me a better understanding of the game by helping me to understand what went right or wrong during the point. I have already started to improve! Skype lessons are just as good as in-person lessons." 

Scott B

"I have learned so much from Samson, both in person and through Skype lessons. I highly recommend both types of training for anyone wanting to improve.

Samson Dubina

"I give Skype lessons and I also receive Skype lessons from another coach. Living in Ohio, far away from the closest training center, has put me at a disadvantage for learning table tennis. With Skype lessons, I can receive professional advice from the convenience of my home without flying half-way around the world for a lesson. Improving my game is now available in my basement!"

Thinh T
Skype Student

After only 3 skype lessons, I can now beat my friend who I had never previously beaten.  I plan to continue improving my game by taking skype lessons!

Shreyans B
Skype Student

The skype lesson concept is very good.  Samson is able to explain clearly as if it was a real, in-person lesson.  It is also very helpful that I have a Newgy 2050 robot available so that I have an easy-access hitting partner during my skype lesson.  After buying a robot from Samson, I was able to get a free lesson as well.

Hesam H
Skype Student

I highly recommend skype lessons because it is a great way to get in-shape (through a disciplined training routine) and to improve my table tennis skills as well.  I have taken both in-person lessons as well as skype lesson with Samson.

John V.
Skype Student

I learned a lot from Samson during our three one-hour table tennis lessons over Skype (I used an iPad 2). Not having used Skype for anything other than talking in the past, I wasn't sure what to expect. It turned out that the video lesson worked very well. We worked on the major aspects of the game using both the normal and drill modes of the Newgy 2050, from basic forehand and backhand to forehand and back hand loops to blocking/pushing to smashing to return of serve to footwork to serving. I had been watching videos of professionals on YouTube as well videoing myself to improve my game and found both practices helpful. But having a professional assess your movement and swings came across to me as a key factor in improving--because there were certain things I was simply blind to. For example, Samson noticed that the positioning of my elbow on my backhand was not optimal for generating power. He also noticed I wasn't bending down or leaning forward enough on certain shots. Also, we spent a good deal of time ironing out the various aspects of proper footwork, understanding where the feet need to be and when, etc., on service, in between shots; and on the correct way to move from side to side and forward to back. He also discussed strategy--how to optimize strokes in various game situations, how to prepare and react to your opponents strokes, what to expect from your opponent based on the stroke you make, and how to assess your opponents game early on so that you can hit the ball to places that will be most difficult for him or her. He also explained how to use the practice sessions to mimic game type situations so that one does not merely become good at practice but then lost in a real game. After each lesson Samson emailed me a summary of things I needed to keep in mind and work on based on that particular lesson. He gave me plenty of time to ask questions and he was patient with me, like for example on the aspects of the game I was struggling with. This was an amazingly helpful experience for me. Who would have thought that a Skype lesson could be this practical and helpful? At very end of our final lesson he gave me a series of workout suggestions using the Newgy 2050 for drill and game type situations that were in accordance with my skill level and with the areas of my game that needed extra attention.