Coach Samson Dubina 2016 US National Team Coach 2015 USATT Coach of the Year

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1/2 Price Tables!

1 day ONLY! Saturday, August 18th! Pickup time is 9-10pm! Pickup location is 2020 E. Maple Street North Canton, Ohio

The Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy is having a 1-day table sale!
E-mail or text 330-949-9230 to buy your discounted table tennis table!
Butterfly Europa 25  New $1599  NOW ONLY $799!
DHS Table  New $999  NOW ONLY $499!
Joola Inside Table New $399  NOW ONLY $199!
Add 6.75% sales tax
All tables include a professional net set
Delivery not available
Pickup is Walsh University 2020 E. Maple Street North Canton, Ohio

Harimoto Discussion

Q & A Session with Aki and Satoko

August 17-18 Tournament

Presper Financial Architects Open

Presper Financial Architects Open (Major USATT Tournament)
August 17-18

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Physical vs Spiritual Health

Bible Verses of the Week
Read the Bible Passage from Mark 7

In recent years, there has been an increasing amount in information available regarding healthy eating.  I’m actually trying to eat healthier as well – it’s a good thing.  However, some people think that it is a main thing. In Mark 7, Jesus talks about the externals vs the internal.  What is more important, the food that we put into our bodies OR our heart and soul?  Yes, God wants us to care for our bodies, but our souls are far more important to him.

New Coaching Videos!

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Presper Financial Architects

presper financial architects
Meet the Team!




Presper Financial Architects
Plan. Build. Retire...
No matter where you are in life, we can help you build a financial plan that’s customized for you. Through our Blueprinting process, we’ll help you design an investment strategy that focuses on your future to help you accomplish your goals.

Matt Kuchar Interview

Matt Kuchar
Check out the video!

The Game is Changing

table tennis
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Training Videos!

Check out the action at the Samson Dubina TT Academy


Understanding USATT Ratings / Levels

For players that don't understand the USATT rating system, it is sometimes difficult to grasp what levels / ratings mean.  At the request of the Sun City Hilton Head club, I'm posting this as a help to the table tennis community.  This is just an outline and doesn't represent all table tennis players, but I feel it is an excellent starting point.
Sun City Table Tennis Club – Skill Self-Ratings