Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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The Missing Footwork Drill

NEW Coaching Video by Samson Dubina




Tournament Checklist

Don't Forget These Items!!

Hey!  I look forward to seeing you soon!  Remember to bring...
-Spare Racket (identical and assembled)
-Extra Rubber
-Nittaku Premium Balls
-Hand Towel
-Glue Sponge Applicator
-Net Checker
-USATT Rule Book
-Notebook and Pen
-Extra Clothes
-Phone Charger
-Water Bottle

NEW Training Videos

Power Pong Robots


Win One Point. One Point.

NEW Coaching Video by Samson Dubina


Titus Dubina - Full Lesson

Check out the NEW Coaching Lesson in 4K Video Quality!


The Talent Code

Brand New Coaching Video by Samson Dubina



NEW Video by Samson Dubina

Power Pong Robots - Now ON SALE!
Hi Friends,


Power Pong Robots

Power Pong FAQs

Tables, Barriers, and Flooring For Sale

Extreme Discounts

Yes, the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy is now closed.  We have deep discounts on rubberized flooring, tables, and other items.
To make purchases, e-mail
Enlio Flooring
MSRP $5/sq ft 
Now only $1/sq ft
Olympic Quality
Shipping not available - Pick up only
We have 5000 Sq Ft Left for Sale
FREE Installation Available (e-mail me for details)
1 Nittaku Table

Don't Make Me Mad...

Mentally Strong vs Mentally Weak

Some Random Stranger, “He definitely shouldn’t have done that!!!”
Samson, “Shouldn’t have done what?”    
Some Random Stranger, “He shouldn’t have chooooooed so loudly every time he hit the net or edge with a lucky shot!!!  He made me mad!  When I’m mad, I play so determined!”
Samson:  “So what happens when you aren’t mad?”