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Tactical Serving

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Probabilities vs Indicators

Do YOU know the difference?

Probabilities vs Indicators
By Samson Dubina
A probability is what is likely to happen, an indicator is what is happening.  Why is it important to understand these terms?  Because your ability to anticipate properly totally depend on these 2 – probabilities and indictors.  Let me explain…

Champion Nandan!

Winner of the u17 and u19 at the National Team Trials!

Champion Nandan
Congrats to 16-year-old Nandan Naresh for dominating the u17 and u19 events at the US National Junior Championships!  Over the last 4 days, he defeated 17 of the nations best players in his winning streak to victory.
Here at the Samson Dubina TT Academy we are all about teamwork - raising up a generation of hard-working athletes who daily push each other to new heights!  Want to join us?  Here are 2 amazing opportunities to join...

Fun Tournament!

This Saturday!

What: Sewa International Ping Pong Tournament (Fundraiser)

Why: Raise awareness and money for our Sponsor a Child program, wherein donors pay the education costs (school fees, books, computer training, exam prep,etc) of K-12 students in India, including many in Telangana.

Where: Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy (Akron)

When: Saturday March 4th, 12-6 pm

Registration Fee: $30/person - proceeds support the Sponsor a Child program.

Ohio Elite Training Camps

Join us in February and March!

Hi Friends,

As you prepare for the US National Team Trials, we would like to invite you here to Akron, Ohio.  We are thrilled to have an 11-day elite training camp in February and another 11-day elite training camp in March!  These camps are for players 2000-2700 who are serious about training and are physically and mentally able to train twice daily.  Both camps will be accompanied with plenty of league matches and tournament matches as well!  Space is limited!  Sign up today to reserve your spot!


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The Talent Trap

Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset

The Talent Trap
By Jim Thompson
Carol Dweck of Stanford University, Author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, has identified 2 distinctly different mindsets of most coaches – the fixed mindset and the growth mindset.
The first is the “Fixed Mindset,” in which an athlete sees ability as set.  Either you have talent or you don’t.  Either you are smart or you aren’t.  This mindset is a dead-end because whether you succeed or not is determined by something totally outside you control

Weak Points

Check them out!

Weak Points
In matches, should you use specific patterns or should you just hit anywhere?  Well, you always want to keep your opponent off-balance while realizing that there are specific shots and locations that commonly cause errors from your opponent.  Today, I’m going to outline a six basic patterns.
(Note:  There are actually hundreds of these patterns.  I’m just listing six as a starting point)
Example #1

Pro Training

Join us!

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Investigating, Implementing, Performing

Developing a Tournament Goal

Investigating, Implementing, Performing
Developing a Tournament Goal
One year at the US National Team Trials, I was leading 3-2 against ***Mark Hazinski and leading 9-3 in the 6th game.  After a series of aggressive mistakes by me, he closed the gap 9-8.  I simply pushed and blocked the next 2 points to win the match 11-8 in the 6th.  Walking off the court, my coach said, “I would rather have you lose the match than to win it like that.”  I replied, “The goal was to win.”