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$6000 Nittaku Ohio Open

Tournament NEWS!

THANK YOU for supporting the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy and table tennis here in Ohio by entering the $6000 Nittaku Ohio Open table tennis tournament!!!!  We really appreciate your participation!
Tournament Draws:

Reflection and Response

New Coaching Article by 14-year-old Frank Yin

Table Tennis: Reflection and Response
By: Frank Yin
Many people have heard of the quote “quality of quantity”; Whether it’s in life or table tennis, this is essential for success. So the question is: How can you increase the quality of your game? Recently I learned a simple solution, to have a positive mindset. 

Robot Training

Coaching Article by Frank Yin

Table Tennis Robots: Convenient and Effective Training
By: Frank Yin 
Rubber: Nittaku Fastarc C-1 
Blade: Nittaku Violin

3 Upcoming Tournaments!

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Hi Friends,

We are thrilled to announce 3 upcoming tournaments!!!!

Pitfalls of Anticipation

Check out this 2-min video!

So you want to improve?


Consider boosting your table tennis level with a Power Pong Table Tennis Robot! These awesome robots are used by US National Team Coach Samson Dubina, US National Champion Sarah Jalli and many many other rising stars! GREAT NEWS... each robot comes with FREE lessons from Samson Dubina. To Purchase a Robot:

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The Mystery Man

NEW Coaching Article - by Samson Dubina

The Mystery Man
By Coach Samson Dubina
In the table tennis world, it is commonly believed that there are 3 types of players – positive, negative, and in-between.
Mr. Positive continues to strongly affirm himself throughout the match, even if he is down 8-0 or 10-2 or whatever the score, he has a high level of confidence.

3 Reasons!

3 Reasons Why My Parents Wanted Me to Play Table Tennis

It is tournament time!
We welcome you to join us for 3 exciting event happening right here in Akron, Ohio!

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