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Beat the Lobber

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Devastate the Lobber

Forehand Reverse Pendulum Serve

Learn 3 primary keys!

Tactical Choooing?!?

5 things to consider...

How verbal should you be during a match? 
Is it a waist of energy?
Is it motivating? 
Is it rude? 
In this article, I’m going to outline some instructions for my personal students.

The Mental Timeout

Read About One of the Most Neglected Aspects of Table Tennis!


US National Team Trials


The Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy would like to send out a huge CONGRATS to the following players who performed well at the US National Team Trials and Pan Am Junior Team Trials!
Sarah Jalli #2 at the US National Women's Team Trials (7 players made the team)
Sarah Jalli #2 at the Pan Am Junior Team Trials (2 players made the team)
Chance Friend #9 at the US National Men's Team Trials (7 players made the team)
Sid Naresh #3 at the Pan Am Junior Team Trials 

Choosing a Coach

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Choosing a Coach
4 Factors to Consider
Some cities in the US have only one table tennis coach.  In other areas like LA or NYC, there might be 20 coaches within a 20-mile radius.  So which coach should you choose?  The cheapest? The funniest?  The highest rated?  Well, the choice is yours, but here are 4 factors to consider
#1 Communication

Playing in High Altitudes

7 simple tips!

Playing in High Altitudes
By Samson Dubina
Are you going to Las Vegas this July for the US Nationals?  Have you considered the fact that the altitude in Las Vegas does have an impact on your performance? 


NEW Article by Samson Dubina and quotes from Lanny Bassham


TT Tactics for Thinkers

By Larry Hodges

 Table Tennis Tactics For Thinkers
By Larry Hodges
Book Review by Samson Dubina
     Table Tennis Tactics for Thinkers is one of the best table tennis books that I have ever read.  I feel that players of all levels can benefit from the details of serve tactics, receive tactics, rallying tactics, doubles tactics, and tactics against various grips, rubbers, and styles.