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An article related to improving players table tennis skills.

The Missing Key in Table Tennis Footwork

USATT Article and Video!!!

     Most club players are unable to excel in table tennis because of their poor footwork.  Many players blame their beer belly or their age or their footwear or their training partners.  However, the aspect of footwork that I will be describing in this short article is an aspect that every player can improve upon, regardless of their age, rating, or physical condition.  Today, I want to show you the importance of anticipation as it relates to footwork in table tennis.  There are three elements that I want you to remember.

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Details of Flipping Serves

Read 8 tips!

Details of Flipping Serves
Flipping is one of the primary ways to return short serves.  In this article, I’m going to outline the various aspects of developing a professional flip and give some details about each aspect.
Reading the Spin
There are 4 primary ways to read the spin…
#1 Watch the racket movement at contact
#2 Listen to the sound at contact
#3 Read the bounce
#4 Watch for the label

Camp Review

By Larry Hodges

Two Weeks Training at the Samson Dubina Mega Camp in Ohio
By Larry Hodges
(USATT National Coaching Chairman and USATT Hall of Famer)

Beat the Lobber

Learn the Tactics!

Devastate the Lobber

Forehand Reverse Pendulum Serve

Learn 3 primary keys!

Tactical Choooing?!?

5 things to consider...

How verbal should you be during a match? 
Is it a waist of energy?
Is it motivating? 
Is it rude? 
In this article, I’m going to outline some instructions for my personal students.


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