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An article related to improving players table tennis skills.

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Making Peace with the Edge

Learn to deal with half-long balls...

The score was 9-9 in the final game, your opponent served a half-long serve to your backhand, you thought that the serve was long enough to loop, but it wasn’t.  With a full backswing, you looped right into the table!  Ouch!  As blood began to gush from the back of your hand, you wondered to yourself how this could have been prevented.  In this article, I’m going to give you ten tips on how to make peace with the edge of the table.
1. Move both feet properly into position

Loading and Unloading

NEW Coaching Article & Video by Samson Dubina

Loading and Unloading
Coaching Article by Samson Dubina
One of the most neglected aspects of perfecting a stroke is learning how to load it properly.  If you first learn the proper balance, positioning, and timing, then you have a great base to develop more and more power, better deception, and more tactical variations.


Learn to Control Your Thoughts

Distractions are all around us.
Some are preventable, others are not.
When competing in table tennis, you must do everything possible to avoid the avoidable.
You also must do everything possible to everything possible to block out the unavoidable.

The Cheater

Learn How to Beat This Opponent!

In competitive sports, there are always athletes who want to win so badly, that they will do absolutely anything to accomplish that goal.  Yes, there are cheaters in table tennis too.  Instead of giving you dozens of examples of how cheaters get away with it, I’m going to give you a more general perspective on how you can properly handle any situation that arises.

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Between Points

Learn about the most under-developed part of table tennis

The average match in table tennis takes about 20 minutes.  Out of the 20 min, about 5 min total is spent on rallies.  The other 15 minutes is spent picking up the ball, preparing for the serve, taking towel breaks, taking timeouts, and getting coaching advice.  So, here is the question that I would like for you to consider…
If only 25% of the match time is spend playing points, then why do we spend 99.9% of our effort on that portion of the game and we spend about 0.1% of our effort on the dead time???

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