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Ohio Mega Camps
I love good questions.
There have been many FAQs about the Ohio Mega Camps.  In this short article, I'm going to try to answer most of the questions...
Question #1 Which camp should I attend?
In order to get the full benefit for your game, I think that you should attend all of them!  The first camp is geared toward strokes and drills like looping, pushing, blocking, counterlooping.  Everyone will be getting level-appropriate material to work out throughout the week.  The second camp is more focued on serve and serve return and tactical analysis.  The final camp is geared toward tactical rallies and learning new variations.
Question #2  I want to attend your June camps.  What should I do in the 4 day gap between camps?
From June 8-10, there is a 3-day tournament at Spin & Smash.  I am highly recommending that all the camp participatants compete in the tournament.  Also, some of the coaches will be able to give private lessons as well.  Let me know asap if you would like private lessons in addition to the Mega Camps.
Question #3  My 6-year-old son wants to attend your camp.  Is that ok?
Yes, the minimum age is 5.  We will divide the group based on age and level so that each player will be working on appropriate skills.  My 5 year-old and 7 year-old daughters will also be participating.
Question #4  When should I arrive for each session?
Try to arrive about 30 min before so that you have time to warmup prior to each session
Question #5 Can I video record the sessions?
Yes, absolutely!  Video recording and notetaking are encouraged throughout the Mega Camps!
Other questions?
Feel free to send me an e-mail
Ohio Mega Camps
Normal Rate is $360/Camp
Early-Bird Rate is $280/Camp

(Register by May 19th to get the early-bird rate and save $80)
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Regardless of your age, level, or playing style, we welcome you to join the Ohio Mega Camps were all players can progress in a friendly environment!  Register NOW and SAVE $80!