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Additional Lessons

Rates and Availability

During the camp, you will get about 30 hours of drills, multiball, game situations, and match play.  In addition to the scheduled times, you will also have plenty of opportunities for match play in the evenings.  If you would also like to schedule a lessons with one of the coaches or practice partners, you can schedule it now or when you arrive.
Chance Friend (June 10-15 and June 17-22 and July 29-Aug 3 and Aug 5-10)  Cost is $20-$40/30 min
Sameh Awadalla (June 10-14 and Aug 5-9) Cost is $25-$40/30 min
Blake Cottrell (June 10-15 and June 17-22 and July 29-Aug 3 and Aug 5-10)  Cost is $12-20/30 min
Anastasia Rybka (June 10-15 and June 17-21) Cost is $25-$40/30 min
Dora Kurimay (July 29-Aug 3 and Aug 5-9) Cost is $25-$40/30 min
Prices vary based on several factors including the frequency and duration of the lessons.  If you want to schedule and pay for the private lessons now, you can get first choice on the timeslot and save $$$ on the hourly rate!  E-mail me or text me 330-949-9230 to book your private lessons during the Ohio Mega Camps.
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