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DISCOUNTS for the Ohio Mega Camps

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Thank you for considering the Ohio Mega Camps!  We hope that you and your family can come to all 4 camps, so we are offering some discounts - early-bird and multi-camp discount!
Normal price for a camp is $440 per camp
If you register and pay by June 1st, the cost is $360 per camp
With the multi-camp discount, the cost is $360 for the first camp, $50 off the second camp ($310), $75 off the third camp ($285), and $75 off all additional camps.
So, if you and your dad come to 2 camps, you pay... $360 + $310 + $285 + $285
So, if you come alone to 3 camps, you pay... $360 + $310 + $285
So, if you and your mom and your dad come to all 4 camps, you pay $360 + $310 + $285 + $285 + $285 + $285 + $285 + $285 + $285 + $285 + $285 + $285
For more explanation on the early-bird discount and multi-camp discount, please send me and e-mail or text me 330-949-9230 for more info.  Thanks and see you soon at the NEW Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy!
2019 Ohio Mega Camps  (click the links below for more info)
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Coaches and Training Partners
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Accommodations Packages ($30/night)
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Player Listing (June 10-14)
Player Listing (June 17-21)
Player Listing (July 29-August 2)
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NEW Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy
Address:  2262 South Arlington Rd Akron, Ohio 
Phone:  330-949-9230

Dear Ohio Mega Camp Participants,
We are very excited to have both domestic and international players attending the Ohio Mega Camps.  To get the early-bird discount, you must be fully paid by Saturday, June 1st.  You can make the payment by mailing a check, sending a paypal payment to, or by paying over the phone to Samson Dubina...  phone 330-949-9230.  Make sure that you pay by this Saturday to get the lowest price on all 4 weeks of camp!
New Facility
We are very happy to be at the NEW Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy - a huge 15,000 sq ft facility with 800 lux lighting, nice air conditioning, rubberized enlio floor, free wifi, a workout room, parent's lounge, kids zone, snack bar, and pro shop.  The facility will also be available at other hours besides just the camp, so feel free to stick around and play with others.  There is no cost to play after-hours, but you need to provide your own balls.
We still have some more openings.  If you have friends or family that can attend, please let us know and we will add them to the roster!  Remember, both kids and adults are welcome to attend.  Everyone will be placed into groups so that each one is working on level-appropriate content.
1st Camp is $440 normal price or $360 with the June 1st Early-bird discount
2nd Camp is $310
3rd Camp is $285
Additional camps and/or family members or $285/camp
June 15th Tournament
We strongly encourage you to practice your new skills.  We are having an unsanctioned tournament on Saturday, June 15th featuring $700 in cash prizes and gift cards.  This is a two-stage event where you will get 5-9 quality matches.  Register now to reserve your spot:
As long as you cancel by June 1st, you can receive 100% refund for any camp.  After June 1st, there will be no refunds.  However, if you can't make it, you can send a friend or family member in your place or transfer it to a different session of the summer camps.  
Coaches / Training Partners
At each training session, there will be at least 3-4 coaches/practice partners.  Coach Samson Dubina will be at every session.  Due to a scheduling conflict, there has been a slight change in the coaches.  The current listing is now on the website and is subject to change. 
Monday - Doors Open at 8:30am.  Session #1 is 9am-noon ($45) and Session #2 is 1:30-4:30pm ($45).  Optional match play is 4-10pm.  Private lessons can be taken from 4-8pm.
Tuesday - Doors Open at 8:30am.  Session #3 is 9am-noon ($45) and Session #4 is 1:30-4:30pm ($45).  Optional match play is 4-10pm.  Private lessons can be taken from 4-8pm.
Wednesday - Doors open at 8:30am.  Session #5 is 9am-noon (FREE) and includes lecture and match play.  Session #6 is 3pm-6:30pm ($45).
Thursday - Doors open at 8:30am.  Session #7 is 9am-noon ($45) and Session #8 is league play (FREE) from 6:30-9pm.
Friday - Doors open at 8:30am.  Session #9 is 9am-noon ($45) and Session #10 is 1:30-4:30pm ($45).  Optional match play is 4-10pm.  Private lessons can be taken from 4-8pm.
Saturday - Doors open at 10am.  Private lessons can be taken from 10am-3pm.
We don't have an official camp hotel.  For the June camps, we recommend staying locally at Red Roof Inn or Super 8.  The cost of Red Roof Inn is about $58/night plus tax. So if 2 of you share a room, the cost is $29/night/person plus tax.  If you need someone to share with, let me know and I'll try to pair you with someone.  As long as your hotel is within 5 miles of the academy, we will offer daily transportation for you (for those of you who don't have cars).  For the July/August camps, it is the busy season, so we already reserved rooms at the woodspring suites.  The cost is $60/night.  You can pay us directly to the Ohio Mega Camp #3 and #4 accommodations.  
Accommodations for Minors
For minors, most of them are staying with Coach Chance Friend.  The cost to stay with him is $30/night and includes staying and includes him driving the player back and forth each day to SDTTA.  Kids need to bring sleeping bags and/or air mattresses.  The $30/night does not include food.
Airport Transportation
We offer FREE airport transportation to and from CLE and CAK.  If you need a ride, please e-mail me your flight info asap.
June 10-14 our main theme is footwork
June 17-21 our main theme is strokes
July 29-Aug 2 our main theme is serve and return
Aug 5-9 our main theme is match tactics
Additional Lessons
If you would like additional lesson, Samson is available on Saturdays.  Blake and Chance are available Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat.  Samson's rates are between $25-$57/30 min.  Chance's rates are between $20-$30/30 min.  Blake's rates are between $12-$20/30 min.  Let me know asap if you would like some additional private lessons from one or all of these coaches and I'll hold your spot.
Thanks and see you soon!!!
Samson Dubina
Phone:  330-949-9230
Address:  2262 South Arlington Rd Akron, Ohio 44319