Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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Coach Samson Dubina

Coaching Titles

  • USOPC Coach of the Year
  • USATT Developmental Coach of the Year
  • ITTF Level III Certified Coach
  • Coach of the Pan Am Boys' Gold Medalist Team
  • Team Leader at the World University Championships
  • 2x USATT National Team Coach
  • 4x USATT Technology Coach of the Year

Author and Inventor

  • Author of the book - 100 Days of Table Tennis
  • Co-Author of the book - Why Table Tennis
  • Author of Over 600 Coaching Articles
  • Producer of DVD - International Table Tennis Skills
  • Producer of Over 1000 YouTube Coaching Videos
  • Inventor of TT-Flex
  • Inventor of TT-FlexPro
  • Inventor of TT-Serve

Athlete Titles

  • Highest Rating:  2619
  • US Junior Olympic Gold Medalist
  • US National Junior Boys Doubles Champion
  • US National Junior Boys Singles Finalist
  • US National Men's Team Member
  • US Representative at the World Championships in Yokohama, Japan
  • US Representative at the Final World Olympic Qualifier
  • Over 30 US Open Champion
  • Over 30 US National Champion
  • Ohio's #1 Ranked Athlete for 19 Consecutive Years (2001-2019)

Star Students

  • Nandan Naresh - Highest Rating 2682
  • Sid Naresh - Highest Rating 2699
  • Sarah Jalli - Highest Rating 2568
  • Senura Silva - Highest Rating 2621
  • Andrew Cao - Highest Rating 2545
  • Gabriel Perez - Highest Rating 2443
  • Roger Liu - Highest Rating 2389
  • Hesam Hamrahian - Highest Rating 2283


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