Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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Tournament Results

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Hi Students,
I just want to say that I'm very pleased with the progress that I'm seeing from you guys!  You are working hard and had good results at the Nittaku Ohio Open last weekend!
RESULTS!!!!! (click here for details)
Chance Friend - Upset a 2700 player 3-0 and made the finals of the Open!
Sid Naresh - Champion of the u2650!
Seth Pech - Champion of the u2500!
Luke Chilson - Champion of the u2150!
Ethan Alexander - Champion of the u1900!
Sarah Jalli - Quarterfinalist of the Open!
Nandan Naresh - Semifinalist of the u2650!
Gabriel Perez - Quarterfinalist of the Open!
Matthew Lehmann - Top 16 of the Open!
Kareem Azrak - Champion of the u1600!
Fiona Dubina - Champion of the u1300!
Kenzie Dubina - Champion of the u1100!
Jacob Boyd - Quarterfinalist of the u2300!
Amanda Graber - Quarterfinalist of the u2150!
Judah Graber - Finalist of the u1500!
Caleb Graber - Semifinalist of the u1500!
Laura Paglin - Quarterfinalist of the u1500!
Titus Dubina - Semifinalist of the u1000!
Ron Rozumalski - Semifinalist of the u1200!
Alex Conrow - Semifinalist of the u1400!
Logan Herman - Champion of the u1800!

Adam Slomski - Champion of the u2000!
Frank Yin - Quarterfinalist of the u1900!

Keep up the good work!