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Angela Guan

Skype Student Makes History!

Congrats to skype student Angela Guan for making table tennis history!  This week, at the 2014 World Junior Championships, Angela Guan and the US Girl's Team won a bronze medal; this is the first world junior championship medal ever won by a US Team.  Keep up the good work Angela!  Best wishes in the singles and doubles competition this week!
If you haven't signed up for skype lessons yet, please consider joining Angela and the other students around the country improving from skype lessons.  Skype lessons are available Monday-Thursday for instruction and Saturdays for tournament coaching.  At tournaments, have your smartphone or tablet set up near the table.  Between games, put on your earphones, receive advice from Coach Samson, and perform at your best against the competition!  For pricing and availability, check out this link or e-mail Coach Samson at