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Safety Information

Ohio Mega Camps

Ohio Mega Camps
The Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy wants to give you the best camp experience.  The SDTTA is continuing to work closely with their staff and guests to ensure that they are following recommendations and guidelines set forth by the CDC, State of Ohio, and the Ohio Department of Health regarding COVID-19 business functions.
Recognizing that COVID-19 can still be a threat in the months to come, the SDTTA staff are working diligently to proceed in a cautious but yet thorough manner in assessing the needs of our staff and guests.  As state guidelines and recommendations continue to evolve, the SDTTA will continue to provide the most updated processes and administrative controls necessary to resume operations. This includes outlining necessary processes for dealing with future diagnosed cases, exposures, personnel, and customer concerns. 
Pandemic infectious disease outbreaks differ from both seasonal influenza and the common cold in that they are caused by a new virus to which people do not have immunity.  The SDTTA is committed to monitoring illness within our local jurisdictions, communicate developing issues, and outline what procedures employees and guests should follow if they become ill.  The SDTTA staff will continue to emphasize the importance of respiratory hygiene etiquette, proper handwashing practices, and the need for social distancing.  
Policies and protocols regarding general housekeeping, visitor admittance, and use of personal property and equipment are as follows: 

  • No entry for those with a fever above 100.4, COVID-19 symptoms, recent contact with a COVID-19 patient, or anyone with a compromised immune system or chronic illness.  Yes, we will be taking daily temperature checks.
  • Anyone who exhibits COVID-19 symptoms (i.e., answers yes to any of the screening questions or who is running a fever) will be asked to leave the premises immediately and seek medical care and/or COVID-19 testing.
  • All persons entering the Academy are required to complete the check-in protocol at the front desk.  This check-in will have boxes and needs to be initialed in each box. Those entering will be required to sign in upon entry.  This information will be stored for social tracing if someone is discovered to be sick.  Parents must sign for minors.  An electronic version of the waiver will be sent via e-mail.  The players must have a signed waiver.
  • Shoes must be changed in the lobby area immediately upon entering the facility.
  • Personal contact is not permitted and all persons entering the academy are to maintain a six foot radius of social distancing.
  • Socializing and extra-curricular activities are not permitted.  Congregating is prohibited on the court and all common areas.
  • The children’s play area will be closed indefinitely.
  • The SDTTA requires that all employees/coaches wear facial coverings (masks), while coaching or off the court.  The only exception is when the coach is acting as a training partner.
  • A face covering (mask) is encouraged (but not required) to be worn by all members, students, and guests. 
  • At minimum, facial coverings (masks) should be cloth/fabric and cover an individual’s nose and mouth.
  • Balls will be disinfected after the conclusion of each training session. 
  • Wiping hands on the table is not permitted.
  • There is to be no sharing of equipment.
  • Handshakes are not permitted.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands or after touching surfaces.
  • Cover your mouth with a tissue or sleeve when coughing or sneezing.
  • All employees, members, students, and guests are required to wash or sanitize their hands before and after their session. It is suggested that hands are washed with water and soap for 20 seconds or longer.  Hand sanitizer will be provided at the entrance, as well as throughout the facility.
  • Guests are encouraged to bring their own water bottle or purchase from the pro shop as the fitness room.  Drinking fountain is closed indefinitely.
  • All players are responsible for their own belongings as there will be no lost and found for an indefinite amount of time.
  • All players are responsible for their own transportation to and from the airport and hotel each day.  Due to health risks, we can’t offer transportation this year.
  • It is recommended that persons more vulnerable or at-risk for COVID-19 as identified by the CDC-including those who are over the age of 65 or those who have chronic medical conditions-take extra precaution when signing up for the training camp.

Policies and Guidelines are subject to change as directed by the CDC, State of Ohio, and the Ohio Department of Health regarding COVID-19 business functions.  These policies and protocols are not intended to identify every possible hazardous situation, risk deficiency, code/legal violation, potential area of liability or violation of safe practices and no party shall rely upon this report as being a comprehensive identifier of each and every potential liability situation or assurance of compliance with any applicable law. Any personal data acquired, processed or shared by us will be lawfully processed in line with applicable data protection legislation.
So what should you do?
The first thing is to sign up!  We only have 44 spots available for participants.  So make sure that you reserve your spot today.  Next thing, if you have any questions or concerns, make sure that you reach out to Samson Dubina.  Finally, stay informed.  Make sure that you check our website often for the latest updates.  If you feel nervous about coming, we will give you 100% refund up until 2 days before the start of the camp.  So you can register now with peace of mind that you can cancel.  Our goal is to give you the best camp experience possible!
 To register, you can choose 1 of the following options.  It is your choice:
1. Call Samson 330-949-923 and pay over the phone.
2. Send a paypal payment to
3. Register online at
4. Drop off a check at the SDTTA
5. Mail a check to:  Samson Dubina TT Academy 2262 South Arlington Rd Akron, Ohio 44319


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