Coach Samson Dubina 2016 US National Team Coach 2015 - 2018 USATT Coach of the Year

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Ohio Mega Camps
Ohio Mega Camps
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June 8-12 
(April 30th Early-Bird Deadline)
Join us the first week of the Ohio Mega Camps as we dive into some exciting new content on rallying variations and stroke variations for looping, blocking, flipping, pushing, chopping, smashing, and counterlooping for different playing styles.  The goal for this camp is to enhance your current foundational strokes as well as add some new game-winning variations!  Expert coaches and practice partners will be assisting you throughout the week –personalizing the drills to meet your needs and giving excellent advice!
June 15-19
(April 30th Early-Bird Deadline)
Join us for one of Samson’s favorite camps on balance, positioning, timing, as well as secrets about understanding probabilities and indicators.  You will be doing a great variety of drills in this camp – systematic, semi-systematic, random, and open-ended drills.  In addition to a good dose of footwork each day, there will be plenty of match situations linking both offense and defense together.  Each session will have new content on footwork, balance, positioning, and timing.  This camp is likely to fill up first, so I highly recommend that you register asap!  Space is limited!
June 22-26
(April 30th Early-Bird Deadline)
This final camp in June will be one of the most valuable for match application.  At each session, we will be      detailing various aspects of serve and serve return in real-game scenarios.  You will learn the secrets of developing tricky serves as well as new ways to receive each type of serve.   The group will be divided based on skill level, so that each      participant will be doing level-appropriate drills!  For those of you attending the US Nationals, this camp is an absolute MUST! 
August 10-14
(July 10th Early-Bird Deadline)
Throughout the week, you will learn to enhance your strengths and build upon your weaknesses!  This camp is focused on being tournament tough with learning about your own game and learning how to strategize against others!  In addition to training, you will also learn about peaking for a competition, mental preparation, warmup routines, pre-match preparation, and post-match analysis.   In addition to 5-hours/day training, you will also have time to do optional match play as well as compete in league play!  In this camp, players are strongly encouraged to take notes as well as video record the training sessions and lectures.  There will be new content introduced at these sessions throughout the week.