Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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Mr. Nice Guy

Learn 3 Reasons to Improve Your Club Reputation!

From the moment that you first walk-in the table tennis club, it is a good idea to be friendly and known as “Mr. Nice Guy.”  There are several reasons that I recommend that you take this approach.  First, you must realize that the club members are your training partners, not your enemies.  Don’t be so nit-picky complaining about Ron tossing the ball only five inches on his serve and Joe taking too long between points. 
Next, realize that you need a support group.  Most of your family members and co-workers will have no idea on the difference between FastArc G-1 rubber and FastArc C-1 rubber nor do they care to spend hours and hours talking about the difference in the hardness of the sponge.  It is really nice for a good support group of tt players that can talk about these topics. 
Finally, you must realize that you need this group to play well in tournaments.  It is so good to have club members to travel with you to tournaments, practice with you in tournaments, cheer for you in tournaments, coach you during tournaments, and support you throughout the tournaments.  These elements could really add to your success.
If you have been Mr. Nice guy, then try to keep your reputation.  If you haven’t been Mr. Nice Guy, then consider apologizing to your club enemies and strive to make it right with those you have wronged.