Coach Samson Dubina 2016 US National Team Coach 2015 USATT Coach of the Year

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No Lone Rangers

Don't neglect this one main aspect of improvement...

In the world of elite table tennis, there are no lone rangers. 
If you want to improve your game this year, you won’t be able to stay hidden in your house forming game strategies for months and come out 500 points ahead.
I’m a huge advocate of robot training.  I practice with my Newgy robot.  However, I also need to use my skills against other players and in tournaments.
I’m a huge advocate of physical training.  However, I need to use my physical abilities in training and in tournaments. 
I’m a huge advocate of serving practice.  Developing some special serves is a fast way to improve; however, I need to use these serves in real games if I’m going to improve my serve, my follow-up shot, my rallies, and all the other aspects.
I’m a huge advocate of video analysis.  Studying my own game, I find many flaws and can fix many mistakes.  Studying the professional players puts the right image in my head with the correct strokes.  However, if I’m only studying and never applying, I probably won’t improve.
I’m a huge advocate of having a regular training partner.  However, in tournaments, I must face a variety of styles.  I must be able to comfortably play against lefties, righties, penhold players, loopers, blockers, lobbers, choppers, and many other styles.
There are many ways to improve your game.  While you are improving various aspects of your game, make sure that you play at least 8-10 matches per week and play at least 1 tournament per month.  That way, you can test your skills to make sure that you are on the right road to improvement!