Coach Samson Dubina 2016 US National Team Coach 2015 USATT Coach of the Year

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TT-Serve® (New Product)

Pre-Order TT-Serve®
(Feb 17 Deadline)

There are many aspects of perfecting your serve - this helpful tool will train you to serve low! The lightweight aluminum design has a retractable screen that can easily fold up in your table tennis bag. The setup time is 1 min so you can easily whip out TT-Serve® whenever you are ready to make progress on your serve! This product will be in retails shops around the world starting in September 2018.  Get a nice discount and get a jump on your competition by pre-ordering now (Jan 23 - Feb 17).  Based on 100+ orders in the next 2 weeks, the first shipment will likely be sent to your front door on May 1st.  This date might be slightly earlier or later based on the number of orders we receive!
TT-Serve® MSRP $99
Pre-Order TT-Serve® $59 Plus FREE Domestic and International Shipping, FREE Carrying Case, FREE online videos

Newgy Robo-Pong Table Tennis Robot!

Buy a Newgy 3050 Table Tennis Robot - Get FREE Table Tennis Lessons on skype or facetime...  all from the convenience of your own home ($400 value).

The BUY NOW link below will direct you to the Newgy website.  Once the robot arrives, the e-mail me to arrange for your complimentary lessons where you will learn the details of your new training partner who can give simple basic drills to advanced sequences combining different spins together with human-like variations!


TT-Flex™  is a full body strengthening system designed to enhance your loops, smashes, flips, chops, serves, and much more!
It comes with a 600 gram stainless steel blade with 12 attachment points, handcrafted premium wood handle, an elastic strengthening band, and instructions.
FREE domestic and international shipping


International Table Tennis Skills DVD

Samson shares 19 years of knowledge that he has learned from 40 different coaches while traveling to Europe, Asia, and throughout North America.  During the 2 hour 17 minute DVD, Samson explains each professional skill in a simple, step-by-step approach that you can be understood by all ages and all levels.  Topics include - advanced footwork, drills, strokes, serve, serve return, looping, flipping, game strategy, training routines, mental strategies, and much more.  

DVD cost is $49.99
Domestic and International Shipping both available for free. From Dec 1 - Dec 15 it also includes a FREE copy of the best selling book - 100 Days of Table Tennis. Buy now!  


DVD TRAILER (International Table Tennis Skills)

TT-Flex™ Upgrade Kit

Enhance your workout with 4 stronger bands.
The original TT-Flex™ comes with the beginner band.  The upgrade kit includes the beg-intermediate band, the intermediate band, the advanced band, and the professional band.  
FREE Domestic and International Shipping

100 Days of Table Tennis - New Book NOW Available!

Travel with Coach Samson Dubina on a 100-day table tennis journey. Each day, you will learn new skills about strokes, spins, drills, game tactics, training routines, and tournament performance. This book will give you the necessary tools to move past your competition both mentally and physically. 
Cost $19.99 
(Domestic shipping $3.00  /  International shipping $19.99)

Monster Bottle

Stay hydrated with the Monster Bottle!
Huge 41-ounce stainless steel water bottle with spring loaded lid.
FREE Domestic Shipping

Tables For Sale

We now have a large selection of tables for sale with various brands to choose from.
Tables priced from $99-$1099.
E-mail for exact details

Skype Coaching

From the convenience of your own home, get a 30 minute skype lesson with US National Team Coach Samson Dubina.  Setup your smart phone, tablet, or laptop near the table and Samson will coach you as your play with your robot, practice with a training partner, or play a match.  Skype coaching is also available during tournaments via bluetooth earbuds.  
30 min skype lesson $50
tournament match skype advice $50