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Attacking the Short/Half-Long Balls

Check out the video demonstration!

Attacking Short/Half-Long Balls
-By Samson Dubina

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Why Should Kids Play Table Tennis?

Learn how table tennis benefits many areas of life!

Why Should Kids Play Table Tennis?
     Kids love table tennis.  Even starting as young as five years old, kids love the excitement.  Many parents don’t see the benefit.  They must realize that table tennis training develops character.

Bible Verse of the Week

Phil 2: 3-11

Philippians 2:3-1

Slippery Floors

Check out this video!

In table tennis, it is vitally important to have shoes that are light weight, supportive, and have good grip. Grip is important because it allows you to make quick stops while moving in-and-out and side-to-side. It is also critical to have a damp towel near the table to wipe off your shoes during training sessions and tournaments. Check out this video...

Millcreek Giant Round Robin


I would also like to congratulate the SDTTA winners from the Millcreek Giant RR!  Good job guys!  Keep up the good work!
Joe Ciarrochi - u1800 Champ (with many other good wins in other events as well)
Roger Liu - u2250 Champ
Chris Jordan - u1000 Finalist
Craig Nivens - Division 4B Finalist
Jason Zhang - Division 4A Finalist
Aryan Mahajan - u1800 Finalist
Sarah Jalli - Division 2A 4th Place
Laura Paglin - Division 6A Finalist
Ali Khatami - Division 2A Champ

Major Tournament Announcement

Come to Ohio and Compete!


Hi Guys!
Our next major USATT tournament is scheduled for September 8-9!  The registration is now available!
Check it out!
Registration Form
$3000 Newgy Ohio Open

Back Injuries

Read 7 Ways to Keep Your Back in Top Shape

During the last 10 years, I have really struggled with back injuries, even to the point of being bedridden.  Today, I would like to make a few suggestions to you, so that you can avoid hindering your tt game with back problems.
1. Stay Active

Ratings Update

Paddle Palace Ohio League

The Paddle Palace Ohio League here in Akron is now growing bigger and bigger each week. We have recently had players from Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Akron, and Canton compete. Regardless if you live in Ohio or not, we would love to have you come. Your first time is free!!! Come enjoy good playing conditions, compete against excellent competition, and win weekly prizes.

Playing in High Altitudes

7 simple tips!

Playing in High Altitudes
By Samson Dubina
What are you doing to prepare for the US Nationals in Las Vegas this July?  Have you considered the fact that the altitude in Las Vegas does have an impact on your performance? 

FREE Lessons!!!!!!

Buy a robot and get 3 free lessons!





Hi Guys,
Being in Ohio, it is tough for me to get quality training on a daily basis. That is why I practice with the Newgy Robo-Pong 2050; it comes pre-programmed with 64 of the world's best drills that can simulate a game or give an awesome cardio workout! If you purchase the robot from my NEWGY AFFILIATE LINK ( then you will receive...