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The Cute Little Guessing Game

Should you be playing this game?

We now have 6 weeks before the US nationals!  That is just the amout of time that you need to improve your serve return!  Check out the latest article that can boost your level!
The Cute Little Guessing Game

Maximizing Your Game Under Poor Circumstances

Learn 10 Ways to Immediately Boost Your Table Tennis Game!

I posted this article about 4 years ago.  For those of you who didn't read it previously, I would recommend that you check it out!  This article applies to over 90% of US Players...
Maximizing Your Game Under Poor Circumstances
True or False Question:
One must play against better players in order to improve?
Answer:  FALSE

Cleveland 19 News

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Watch the Interviews with Coaches and Pros

Tournament Tough in 20 Steps

tournament tough
Learn how to train your mind and body!

Prep work:       Set Goals

Ratings Update

Paddle Palace Ohio League

The Paddle Palace Ohio League here in Akron is now growing bigger and bigger each week. We have recently had players from Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Akron, and Canton compete. Regardless if you live in Ohio or not, we would love to have you come. Your first time is free!!! Come enjoy good playing conditions, compete against excellent competition, and win weekly prizes.

The Common Theme

Learn to Maximize Your Tournament Performance!

I hope to see you at the US Nationals this July!  When playing many different players in many events, there is a decent chance that you will have a "bad loss"   Instead of blaming it on “bad luck”, I want you to stop for a moment and consider some possibilities.  Are "bad losses" preventable??????  Many of them are preventable, and you need to be aware of the common mistakes...
Before arriving in Las Vegas, I want you to think back to your previous bad losses in other tournaments.  Was there a common theme?  Think about it...

Ohio Clubs

Find a Club Near You!

Here in Ohio, there are 18 table tennis clubs.  At various facilities, you can drop in a play a few games, take a private lesson, join a group class, participate in a league, play a major tournament, or possibly even purchase some equipment.  We have posted this listing so that you can find a club in your city and begin sparring against some locals.  Check out the listing...
Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy – Location #1
Address:              355 Hoover Ave Akron, Ohio 44312

FREE Lessons!!!!!!

Buy a robot and get 3 free lessons!





Hi Guys,
Being in Ohio, it is tough for me to get quality training on a daily basis. That is why I practice with the Newgy Robo-Pong 2050; it comes pre-programmed with 64 of the world's best drills that can simulate a game or give an awesome cardio workout! If you purchase the robot from my NEWGY AFFILIATE LINK ( then you will receive...

Jet Lag

Traveling To Tournaments

Regardless if you are traveling across the world or even across the United States to play the US Nationals, changing timezone can cause jet lag for anyone.  Could it affect your performance?  Absolutely!
There are 5 quick tips that I would like to share...