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20 Reasons for Table Tennis

Written by a Parent

Dear Parents,
Table tennis has been an Olympic sport since 1988 and is rapidly growing here in the US.  If you haven't jumped aboard and put your kids into a local table tennis program, I would encourage you to do it!  Why?  There are litterally hundreds of good reasons; but for starters, check out a short list from one of my student's parents...

1)self driven sport (better for those with ADHD/ADD like my son and teaches discipline)
2) my son is fortunate to be taught by the top instructor/athlete in the sport
3) More of a Christian influence compared to local public school sports and a bigger opportunity to witness.
4) MUCH more of a workout than baseball 
5) Less chance of life debilitating/significant injury compared to other sports
6) a sport he can be involved with his dad and family members to create a lifetime of memories
7) doesn't have to worry about being judged or being the odd ball as many public school sports makes him feel
8) no favoritism 
9)no daddy ball
10) creates a better work ethic than anything he's done in his life to this point.
11) more of a respectful game compared to other sports and teaches etiquette.
12)improves social skills as you surround yourself with players from all walks of life including kids to adults to the disabled to players from all over the world.
13)less equipment to travel with compared to many other sports
14)rated one of the top sports for brain activity and development.
15)in an area that's significantly growing the sport
16)no age restrictions
17)has been proved to slow the effects of Alzheimer's and dementia in the elderly
18)improves mental alertness more so than most other sports 
19)greater chance of becoming successful at it in the U.S. as there
are less serious U.S. athletes in this sport
20)can be played in winter months unlike many other sports in the northeast