Coach Samson Dubina 2016 US National Team Coach 2015 - 2018 USATT Coach of the Year

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USOC Award!

samson dubina

USOC Award!


After receiving USATT awards in 2015, 2016, and 2017, I’m happy to announce that I have now received an award from USOC! 2018 Technology Coach of the Year!


As the new academy opens in the spring of 2019, we hope to continue developing the sport through the latest proven methods as well as innovative new ideas!


Here are some things that we have developed and are continuing to develop...


-Instant Video Playback System from multiple angles in slow-motion and normal speed, single view or split screen


DOC Councilman Technology Coach of the Year

Summer Camp ENTRY FORM 
You have likely heard about our June Summer Camps here in Ohio!  As you consider coming, I would like for you to read some testimonials from some of the appreciative players and coaches who have benefitted from our program!  See you in 3 weeks!!!



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