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Student of the Month


The Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy would like to congratulate Roger liu for being the October student of the month.  Roger had an outstanding performance at the Millcreek Open dominating the u2400 event.  There are several reasons 
#1 Focus
Roger showed very good focus throughout his matches and was fighting hard for every point.  
#2 Helpfulness
Roger was a team player and was willing to help others throughout the weekend.  At various times throughout the tournament, Roger was seen coaching and cheering for other SDTTA members.

Overcoming Emotions

Written By Roger Liu (age 12)

Too Happy or Too Sad?
Say you are winning 2-0 in a match, or 10-5. You could be pretty relaxed and thinking about the next game. Another scenario is when you are down 7-3 and thinking about how you can’t win against your opponent or thinking that he is too good. This article will address both of these scenarios and how you can focus during the match.

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