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Understanding USATT Ratings / Levels

For players that don't understand the USATT rating system, it is sometimes difficult to grasp what levels / ratings mean.  At the request of the Sun City Hilton Head club, I'm posting this as a help to the table tennis community.  This is just an outline and doesn't represent all table tennis players, but I feel it is an excellent starting point.
Sun City Table Tennis Club – Skill Self-Ratings

Mood Swings

Learn about making or breaking your next tournament!!!


Ratings and Skills

Learn How Ratings Can Mentally Fool You!

Often times, tt players will wrongly associate ratings with skills.  Just because an opponent has a certain ratings doesn’t necessarily mean that your opponent can do this or can’t do this.  For example…
I asked my 1800-rated student why he wasn’t attacking his (2100-rated) opponent’s half-long serve.  My student responded by saying that because his opponent was rated 2100, he assumed that all his serves were short.


Newgy Cincinnati Open

Dear Tournament Participants,
THANK YOU so much for attending the Newgy Cincinnati Open.  If you have any comments or suggestion, please feel free to e-mail me anytime.  We hope to continue having 1 tournament in Cincinnati each year and 2 tournaments in Akron each year.  We hope to continue improving our events. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.
The ratings have now been processed can be viewed on the USATT website.
The tournament photos will be online soon!!!  

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