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Coach Joe Ciarrochi

Student of the Month and NEW ARTICLE

I would like to congradulate Joe Ciarrochi as being player/coach of the month.  Not just during the month of December, but throughout the entire year Joe has really been a joy to work with.  He is eager to learn new skills (and realizes that it isn't easy) while at the same time offers advice to anyone in his path.  Joe, keep working hard on your game - I appreciate the hard work in your own game and the hard work that you invest in others!
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Balance, Balance, Balance

4 Stages

By Coach Joe Ciarrochi

Four stages of a newly learned table tennis skill.
1. Awareness. Making a conscious decision to learn a new skill that can take you to the next level.
2. Knowing how and why it works for you and your game.
3. Dedicate yourself to install it into your subconscious game.
4. Knowing how to win with it.         

Middle-Aged TT Training

By Coach Joe Ciarrochi

Middle-Aged TT Training
By Joe Ciarrochi
We all know TT is widely played by a variety of people both young and old at many different levels. Most use the game as a fun activity while hanging with friends and family.
Many who've played consistently have most likely visited a club near them at one time or another where they found friendly competition as well as challenging matches.

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