Coach Samson Dubina 2016 US National Team Coach 2015 - 2018 USATT Coach of the Year

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My Future

Presper Financial Architects

As the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy is expanding, I personally want to get my full financial plan together including retirement and investments.    This fall, I look forward to meeting with Presper Financial Architects and exploring my options for the future in the free, non-pressured environment where my wife and I can talk to Tom Presper and chat about our future.

Beating China

The future of the US Team

Will the US ever become a world superpower in the table tennis world?  Will the US ever have players ranked in the top 10 in the men’s and women’s world ranking list?  Will the US team ever have a chance to win the World Team Championships?
The main obstacle is China.  So in this article, I’m going to use China as the main target.  These points listed below are merely speculation and I don’t have any hard proof of these points.
#1 Athletes


...Thinking toward the future...

Last week at the local table tennis club, there were about 10 players rated 1800 and 1 player rated 2100 who was a controlled looper.  I asked the 2100-rated player what he could possibly do to improve to the next level…  After a bit of discussion, we agreed that he needed to learn to play more aggressively and develop his power shots. 

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