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Improve Your Looping

Learn what skills you need at what levels...

Many of my previous articles have been geared toward beating loopers.  In this article, I would like to give advice to you (the looper) and talk about improvements that you need to make in order to reach the next level in your looping game.
If you are a beginner looper (0-1400 rated) and looking to make good progress this year.  I recommend taking the following steps:

Choosing a Beginner Racket

5 Things to Look For

Choosing a Beginner Racket
When choosing a beginner racket, there are several key elements to look for.
1. Surface
Choose a racket that has inverted rubber.  It should have sponge that is about 1.5 mm with a pips-in topsheet that is slightly grippy.
2. Speed
The speed should be medium-low to allow for best ball control and stroke development.
3. Weight
The weight should be fairly light, especially for juniors.
4. Approved
For tournament use, the rubber must say “ITTF Approved”. 
5. Type

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