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Best of 2015

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Check out the best video clips of 2015:

Plans and Pitfalls!

Get the right info and practice the right elements!

In order to improve your table tennis game, there are 2 main aspects that you need this year.
#1 You need to have the right info
#2 You need to spend quality time practicing
How do you get the right info???  There are several ways:
A. Record yourself practicing and analyze the video
B. Read coaching articles, reading coaching books, and watch coaching DVDs
C. Receive group lessons (most cost around $20/hour).


...Thinking toward the future...

Last week at the local table tennis club, there were about 10 players rated 1800 and 1 player rated 2100 who was a controlled looper.  I asked the 2100-rated player what he could possibly do to improve to the next level…  After a bit of discussion, we agreed that he needed to learn to play more aggressively and develop his power shots. 

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