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Major Tournament Announcement

Come to Ohio and Compete!


Hi Guys!
Our next major USATT tournament is scheduled for September 8-9!  The registration is now available!
Check it out!
Registration Form
$3000 Newgy Ohio Open

Upcoming Events

Kids Classes, League, Summer Camps, Tournament


Check out the full listing of upcoming events:
Paddle Palace Spring League (March 16 deadline)

WAKR Radio

Check out the interview with Samson Dubina

Event Details!

Check out who is coming to our exciting events!

We look forward to having you here in Akron, Ohio at our upcoming events!


SDTTA Sponsors

The Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy would like to thank our 2016-2017 sponsors.  These companies are partnering with us to advertise for their companies as well as promote the sport.  Please take a minute to click the links below and check out their websites:
Paddle Palace
Newgy Robo-Pong
Shaw JCC

League Promo Video

Join Us Thursday Nights!

Paddle Palace Ohio League
Thursdays 6pm-8:45pm
FREE For the first time
Play 5-8 matches per night
Weekly prizes
Excellent playing conditions

League Info:

Ohio High School Championships

Check it out

The Columbus Table Tennis Club will be hosting the first ever, Ohio High School Championships.
Check it out:

Arnold Table Tennis Challenge

Coming to Columbus, Ohio!!!!





Come to Columbus, Ohio and compete in one of the World's Largest Sporting Events - the Arnold Table Tennis Challenge!!!

Entry Form:

Online Registration:

Check out the awesome venue in this video below:




Friend is FREE.....You get a PRIZE!!!!

Thursday, Oct 27 is INVITE-A-FRIEND-WEEK for the Paddle Palace Ohio League!!!!
Every player who invites a first-visitor will receive a free bonus.  The visitor will receive a free JCC family day-pass and you will receive a free pack of NITTAKU PREMIUM BALLS.  This offer is one day only.  Please encourage your family and friends to come!  This is the best way possible to grow the league.  Bonuses are in limited quantity.  Please e-mail me today to register your friends and family members!

Diary of a 10-Year-Old (Part II)

By Sarah Jalli

It is a great experience to be at the 2016 Womens World Cup. I arrived on Friday and watched a few group matches. Here are a few things that I learned from watching the group matches. 
1. Most of the players's serves are half long and short.
2. Most of the players used their surprise serve at key points. Their surpise serves were often long and fast with some variation of spin.


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